in·progress. . .

i am working on my level of coolness. this is an in·progress and evolving endeavor. . .

first step: grad school! . . .& simultaneously work on these things (see image):


hmm, might be tough. . .

levels of coolness aside, this is the dedicated space and place where i will document & explore concepts, thoughts, inspiration, constructions, encounters, inquiries, etc., pertaining to life as an inspired teacher/researcher/learner/documenter/artist/art·lover/idolizer of beautiful things/fun·haver/person in·progress, always wanting to know more.

for those readers not familiar with my interests and studies, here is a small introduction:

as a scholar of art education, with particular emphases on the learning that occurs in art contexts during the early years, i am especially interested in and inspired by emergent curriculum, the project approach, pedagogical documentation as a research practice, critical theories of early childhood art, making learning and thinking visible through art·making practices/processes, children as individual and group learners, supporting child development, implications of social and visual culture on art education, child art in general, and my abundantly smart and passionate friends and colleagues. it is important to me to facilitate individual and collaborative experiences where processes of expression, teaching, researching, and learning are in construction and are always on the move. i use my research, experience, and reflections as a tool for learning about myself and for learning more about nurturing young people in art contexts.

i hope you’ll come along on this journey with me!

stay tuned.


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