alyson fox


alyson fox is an artist who has inspired me for many years! i identify with her path: she began college in a science·oriented field: nutrition. me? pharmacy. a desire to explore her inherent creative potential led her into an art class and it changed her whole direction; the same happened for me! uncanny! for the span of her career, she has been making beautiful things, never defined by any particular medium. there is such freedom to what she does and i identify with her un·boxed approach to making. she says, “i like making things from paper, found objects, thread, packing materials and plaster. i like designing things for commercial ends and designing things for no end at all. i have a degree in photography and a MFA where I focused on many mediums. i am inspired by hardware stores, building sites, empty rooms, peoples messes, stories, fabric and quiet days. . . “

there is something ethereal + methodical about her work that i return to again and again! too, she collaborates with other artists i am immensely inspired by, like mociun + verabel. i am lucky to own a necklace she designed with verabel three years ago; it is a constant in my wardrobe!

IMG_0110as i am currently taking part in the making learning connected MOOC, hosted by the national writing project, the focus of this MOOC is on making, creativity, and learning. with weekly ‘makes’ on the agenda, i’ve been considering my artistic process. for the past two years, as a teacher with a full plate, i had found my personal artistic practices fading. this MOOC has been a breath of fresh air that’s awoken my desire + motivation to make things again!!! it’s thrilling + invigorating! as i begin/continue to explore what in the world i want to make, i found/find myself drifting back to alyson, ever inspiring. (plus, she’s a fellow al/y/i/son! hello! <3)


here, i can return to a favorite quote of mine by gilles deleuze + felix guattari, “let’s go further still, we haven’t found our Body without Organs yet, we haven’t sufficiently dismantled our self.” creative processes + creative material(s) are always in·progress/process, so let’s go further still!

as alyson has, it is a personal goal of mine to some way/some how/some day collaborate with another/other artist/s in an inspired, meaningful way. . . i’m thinking about a way to make that happen. baby steps. meanwhile, my ‘makes’ shall soon unearth themselves, and i’ll be sure to share. xo.

p.s. check out alyson’s amazingly beautiful house (tour) + more house/studio + alyson’s obsessions (design*sponge). and, i’m in love with her photo series, meals. the photos are kinda wonky, yet still ethereal + methodical. . . they make me think!!!


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