reflection: make one

for the first ‘make’ of the making learning connected MOOC, i proposed to a friend that we hang out and drink wine and MAKE! glorious idea, no?! so, that we did! the inspiration provided to us for the first make was a ‘toy hack.’ awesome idea. though, being that i just recently moved and purged quite a bit in the process, i don’t exactly have an abundance of toys lying around to hack up, so i decided it would be fun for us to construct a toy of sorts (a hack of a toy hack): let’s make a mask!!! yeah! fun·times! masks lend themselves to asking questions about identity, which most certainly speaks to me. . . i am constantly asking myself and others questions about identity: what makes you, you?! and why?! what drives you?! this deep inquiry is important to me and it’s a fascinating sort of exploration; one that i don’t think i’ll ever tire of exploring. plus, mask·making is awesomely fun because it’s like playing dress up, and for anyone who has known me long knows that i am a bit of a fashionista! fashion and aesthetics, in general, have been a part of my core from a very young age (even through those horrid middle school years!)!

my mask ‘make’ was influenced by alyson fox, whom i spoke about here. i decided to bring an illustration of hers to life! alyson is a prolific pattern maker- in this illustration, she layered a beautiful transparent pattern over top a pencil drawing, creating a mask·effect.


{illustration by alyson fox, title unknown}

Photo on 2013-06-26 at 23.39 #2

{my inspired ‘make’}

i think it’s a little superhero meets suzy bishop, which i obviously adore! . . . i began playing around with the comparison of my ‘make’ to the original illustration and i came up with this image:


i declare my first ‘make’ a success!

p.s. here’s a little in·progress ‘make two’ teaser + an image i’m thinking about. . .




2 thoughts on “reflection: make one

  1. I remember making paper bag masks when I was little. We always had tons of fun with them. Kites, too. Cardbord boxes were always in high demand. And toy hacks were the order of the day. One man’s attractive nuisance was our stage for tough play. I am glad you have not lost that spirit.

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