apartment tour!


i’ve had about a zillion requests to share some photos of my new space. i’ve been to and fro quite a lot, so it took me a while to get it to a shareable state, but it’s finally feeling (mostly) assembled : ) . . . while this space has its quirks, i totally lucked out and i pretty much adore it! have fun looking!

20130811-104007.jpg{dining + tucson flair: papel picado!}

20130811-104021.jpg{dining + dormer + bike}

20130811-104116.jpg{entrance: welcome!}

20130811-104136.jpg{sweet living room window, view into the backyard}

20130811-104143.jpg{living room! + the oh so pretty, mint condition vintage, but ridiculously heavy demon couch that had to be somersaulted up a flight of stairs!}

20130811-104153.jpg{more living room, more az flair: little cacti + cholla skeleton + fitness junk : )}

20130811-104202.jpg{hallway + more papel picado : )}

20130811-104216.jpg{hallway from the opposite perspective + cute little nook for my keys + sunnies}

20130811-104231.jpg{close up of my thrift store scavanged paintings}

20130811-104243.jpg{a kitchen practically as big as my tucson studio! ; ) + overflowing recycling basket : )}

20130811-104251.jpg{more kitchen! look at all that space, people!}

20130811-104308.jpg{my homemade island fits like a dream!}

20130811-104321.jpg{end of hallway + great light fixture + dad’s painting}


20130811-104346.jpg{bedroom + tiny mirror collection + coveted rachel rose painted silk pillow}

20130811-104405.jpg{office/studio! . . . i have workspace?!?!?! . . . i have workspace!!!!}

20130811-104413.jpg{view from my desk}

20130811-104421.jpg{office/studio into living room. . . student art galore}

20130811-104439.jpg{my street! i mean, really. . . how beautiful is this?}

20130811-104432.jpg{backyard! lush, lush lovliness}




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