bits: eleven.six.thirteen

Image{i wore this}


{hort woods studio happening}


 a concept + methodology that i’m thinking about + has me all kinds of excited: a/r/tography (!!!)

A/r/tography is an arts and education practice-based research methodology dedicated to acts of inquiry through the arts and writing. The name itself exemplifies these features by setting art and graphy, and the identities of artist, researcher, and teacher (a/r/t), in contiguous relations. None of these features is privileged over another as they occur simultaneously in and through time and space.
[A second resonance could be added to the a/r of a/r/t: actant-rhizome, perhaps leading towards the formation of a/r/p: actant-rhizome pedagogy, as a form of slow pedagogy, addressing the body, the formation of bodies and spatiality, of relatedness in several directions].
Springgay, Stephanie, Irwin, Rita L., Leggo, Carl & Gouzouasis, P.  (Eds.) (2008). Being with A/r/tography. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Sinner, Anita, Leggo, Carl, Irwin, Rita L., Gouzouasis, Peter, & Grauer, Kit. (2006).  Arts-based educational research dissertations:  reviewing the practices of new scholars.  Canadian Journal of Education, 29 (4), 1223-1270. Available at:

Irwin, Rita L., Beer, Ruth, Springgay, Stephanie, Grauer, Kit, Gu, Xiong, & Bickel, Barbara. (2006). The Rhizomatic relations of a/r/tography.  Studies in Art Education. 48 (1), 70-88. Available at Accessed on 6 November 2010.


One thought on “bits: eleven.six.thirteen

  1. Oooh this speaks to me. There is something about documentation in the classroom that makes me want to document life even better, and I saw the documenter in me reflected right back when I introduced cameras to the kids the other day. Amazing! And I’ll be sure to look at those articles you referenced….

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