bits: eleven.six.thirteen

Image{i wore this}


{hort woods studio happening}


 a concept + methodology that i’m thinking about + has me all kinds of excited: a/r/tography (!!!)

A/r/tography is an arts and education practice-based research methodology dedicated to acts of inquiry through the arts and writing. The name itself exemplifies these features by setting art and graphy, and the identities of artist, researcher, and teacher (a/r/t), in contiguous relations. None of these features is privileged over another as they occur simultaneously in and through time and space.
[A second resonance could be added to the a/r of a/r/t: actant-rhizome, perhaps leading towards the formation of a/r/p: actant-rhizome pedagogy, as a form of slow pedagogy, addressing the body, the formation of bodies and spatiality, of relatedness in several directions].
Springgay, Stephanie, Irwin, Rita L., Leggo, Carl & Gouzouasis, P.  (Eds.) (2008). Being with A/r/tography. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Sinner, Anita, Leggo, Carl, Irwin, Rita L., Gouzouasis, Peter, & Grauer, Kit. (2006).  Arts-based educational research dissertations:  reviewing the practices of new scholars.  Canadian Journal of Education, 29 (4), 1223-1270. Available at:

Irwin, Rita L., Beer, Ruth, Springgay, Stephanie, Grauer, Kit, Gu, Xiong, & Bickel, Barbara. (2006). The Rhizomatic relations of a/r/tography.  Studies in Art Education. 48 (1), 70-88. Available at Accessed on 6 November 2010.


apartment tour!


i’ve had about a zillion requests to share some photos of my new space. i’ve been to and fro quite a lot, so it took me a while to get it to a shareable state, but it’s finally feeling (mostly) assembled : ) . . . while this space has its quirks, i totally lucked out and i pretty much adore it! have fun looking!

20130811-104007.jpg{dining + tucson flair: papel picado!}

20130811-104021.jpg{dining + dormer + bike}

20130811-104116.jpg{entrance: welcome!}

20130811-104136.jpg{sweet living room window, view into the backyard}

20130811-104143.jpg{living room! + the oh so pretty, mint condition vintage, but ridiculously heavy demon couch that had to be somersaulted up a flight of stairs!}

20130811-104153.jpg{more living room, more az flair: little cacti + cholla skeleton + fitness junk : )}

20130811-104202.jpg{hallway + more papel picado : )}

20130811-104216.jpg{hallway from the opposite perspective + cute little nook for my keys + sunnies}

20130811-104231.jpg{close up of my thrift store scavanged paintings}

20130811-104243.jpg{a kitchen practically as big as my tucson studio! ; ) + overflowing recycling basket : )}

20130811-104251.jpg{more kitchen! look at all that space, people!}

20130811-104308.jpg{my homemade island fits like a dream!}

20130811-104321.jpg{end of hallway + great light fixture + dad’s painting}


20130811-104346.jpg{bedroom + tiny mirror collection + coveted rachel rose painted silk pillow}

20130811-104405.jpg{office/studio! . . . i have workspace?!?!?! . . . i have workspace!!!!}

20130811-104413.jpg{view from my desk}

20130811-104421.jpg{office/studio into living room. . . student art galore}

20130811-104439.jpg{my street! i mean, really. . . how beautiful is this?}

20130811-104432.jpg{backyard! lush, lush lovliness}



since we last spoke. . .

sincewelastspoke{chalk wall in the atelier at hort woods}

\\ i listened to two records, cyclically:

    • for the belting out + dancing around + snapping: father john misty, fear fun.
    • for eveningtimes (mainly making dinner) + dancing around (‘cause i never don’t dance around. . . thatsrightdoublenegative): calexico, algiers.

// i took a break slash got distracted from the clmooc, because. . .

\\ i jaunted all over the state of pennsylvania. the jaunting looked something like this: philadelphia, state college, myo beach, state college, myo beach, state college, philadelphia, state college. whew! p.s. i’m going back to myo beach in two days : )

// i continued to work on my current art piece (prompted by personal explorations during the clmooc) in spurts, but still didn’t return to the clmooc. . . it became too hard to keep up with all of the interaction and my brain got overwhelmed, so i retreated into my art.

\\ lots of paperwork nonsense. . . ugh. but this included becoming an official pennsylvania resident!

\\ i hung out with some of my favorite people in the world. that was preeeeetty great. yay for closer proximity!

// i turned 26.

\\ i ate some affogato.

// i watched this approximately one million times because i have a major soft spot for righteous kids + music! SO good.

\\ dainty became my favorite word to describe my current aesthetic interests.

// i read two really good books about spirituality + a road trip: they made me contemplate life’s ‘why’s’ instead of ‘how’s.’ whatelseisnew?

\\ i got some really good snail mail! (people, email is good but parcels + post are better!)

// i pridefully wore a party hat made of impeccably crafted pom poms at a birthday lunch with some really special ladies:

1148845_10102094621393832_20654976_n{crown of pom poms. thumbs up}

ahhhh, summah time!

: )


oh! p.s. i made a playlist that i think is pretty dang great, especially for art·making w/ occasional dance breaks:

jammy jams

Local Natives – Who Knows Who Cares
Oh Land – White Nights
Arcade Fire – Wake Up
Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers
Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop – feat. Wanz
The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – 2011 Remastered Version
Spoon – The Underdog
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
The Shins – The Rifle’s Spiral
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Band of Horses – The Funeral
Paul Banks – The Base
Passion Pit – Take A Walk
The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom
The Shins – Sleeping Lessons
Modest Mouse – Satin In A Coffin
Capital Cities – Safe and Sound
Band of Horses – Monsters
Paul Simon – Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Kishi Bashi – Manchester
Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
Matt and Kim – Let’s Go
Paul Simon – Kodachrome
Kennedy – Karate
Peter Bjorn And John – It Don’t Move Me
Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe In Anything
Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait
Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
Kishi Bashi – I Am the Antichrist to You
Architecture In Helsinki – Heart it Races – As Played By Dr Dog
Paul Simon – Graceland
Jimmy Eat World – Futures
Modest Mouse – Float On
Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees
Interpol – Evil
Beirut – East Harlem
Modest Mouse – Dramamine
Haim – Don’t Save Me
Lana Del Rey – Diet Mountain Dew
Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
Death Cab for Cutie – Crooked Teeth
Beyoncé – Crazy In Love
Local Natives – Colombia
Turning Violet Violet – Cold Bread
Modest Mouse – Black Cadillacs
Peter Bjorn And John – Amsterdam
Local Natives – Airplanes
Jimmy Eat World – 23

reflection: make one

for the first ‘make’ of the making learning connected MOOC, i proposed to a friend that we hang out and drink wine and MAKE! glorious idea, no?! so, that we did! the inspiration provided to us for the first make was a ‘toy hack.’ awesome idea. though, being that i just recently moved and purged quite a bit in the process, i don’t exactly have an abundance of toys lying around to hack up, so i decided it would be fun for us to construct a toy of sorts (a hack of a toy hack): let’s make a mask!!! yeah! fun·times! masks lend themselves to asking questions about identity, which most certainly speaks to me. . . i am constantly asking myself and others questions about identity: what makes you, you?! and why?! what drives you?! this deep inquiry is important to me and it’s a fascinating sort of exploration; one that i don’t think i’ll ever tire of exploring. plus, mask·making is awesomely fun because it’s like playing dress up, and for anyone who has known me long knows that i am a bit of a fashionista! fashion and aesthetics, in general, have been a part of my core from a very young age (even through those horrid middle school years!)!

my mask ‘make’ was influenced by alyson fox, whom i spoke about here. i decided to bring an illustration of hers to life! alyson is a prolific pattern maker- in this illustration, she layered a beautiful transparent pattern over top a pencil drawing, creating a mask·effect.


{illustration by alyson fox, title unknown}

Photo on 2013-06-26 at 23.39 #2

{my inspired ‘make’}

i think it’s a little superhero meets suzy bishop, which i obviously adore! . . . i began playing around with the comparison of my ‘make’ to the original illustration and i came up with this image:


i declare my first ‘make’ a success!

p.s. here’s a little in·progress ‘make two’ teaser + an image i’m thinking about. . .




wow, these questions are provoking and brilliant!

So where in our society is there a genuine forum for discussing big questions?  Where is there a forum for answering them over the long haul?  Where is there a forum for freely sharing what is discovered and people around the world test it?…Where is there a forum that can allow the “worthless” and the “not relevant” and the “not immediate” to germinate like a mutation that may go nowhere or may yet in the end save us?  Where is the DNA of human innovation stored, recombined, mutated, and set loose to give rise to new birth, new ideas, new worlds, and new sorts of human beings? 

(via james paul gee on the anti·education era)

5 things. . . maybe more

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 10.41.35 AM

{just signed up to be part of this exhibition!!}

“Miranda July’s new project We Think Alone toys with this notion, blurring the lines between a public confession and a private thought, asking participants Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, Sheila Heti, Etgar Keret, Late and Laura Mulleavy, Catherine Opie Lee Smolin and Danh Vo to share emails they’ve written which have already been sent, received and processed by someone on the receiving end. They are private thoughts, correspondences, and even confessions. . . “We Think Alone” was commissioned by Stockholm’s Magasin 3 contemporary art museum for a show called On the Tip of My Tongue. It will not have a physical component, instead existing only in inboxes around the world. The project stems out of July’s interest in reading her friends’ emails — of being privy to private conversations between people. . .” read more, here.

ha! this gets me, EVERYTIME!

i am going to be making these because i now have them in my garden !!!!!!!!! and, i will feel very fancy!


 {these. . .}


{. . .became this!}


{a view of my hopefully bountiful garden bed!}

alton brown now has a podcast. yes! that is cool. “nature will castigate those who don’t masticate!”

. . .speaking of masticating:

IMG_1200{cooking from this week}

{watch murals change spaces via the city of philadelphia mural arts program}

IMG_1201{shadow play à la allie pasquier. . . my apartment gets magnificent daylight!}

alyson fox


alyson fox is an artist who has inspired me for many years! i identify with her path: she began college in a science·oriented field: nutrition. me? pharmacy. a desire to explore her inherent creative potential led her into an art class and it changed her whole direction; the same happened for me! uncanny! for the span of her career, she has been making beautiful things, never defined by any particular medium. there is such freedom to what she does and i identify with her un·boxed approach to making. she says, “i like making things from paper, found objects, thread, packing materials and plaster. i like designing things for commercial ends and designing things for no end at all. i have a degree in photography and a MFA where I focused on many mediums. i am inspired by hardware stores, building sites, empty rooms, peoples messes, stories, fabric and quiet days. . . “

there is something ethereal + methodical about her work that i return to again and again! too, she collaborates with other artists i am immensely inspired by, like mociun + verabel. i am lucky to own a necklace she designed with verabel three years ago; it is a constant in my wardrobe!

IMG_0110as i am currently taking part in the making learning connected MOOC, hosted by the national writing project, the focus of this MOOC is on making, creativity, and learning. with weekly ‘makes’ on the agenda, i’ve been considering my artistic process. for the past two years, as a teacher with a full plate, i had found my personal artistic practices fading. this MOOC has been a breath of fresh air that’s awoken my desire + motivation to make things again!!! it’s thrilling + invigorating! as i begin/continue to explore what in the world i want to make, i found/find myself drifting back to alyson, ever inspiring. (plus, she’s a fellow al/y/i/son! hello! <3)


here, i can return to a favorite quote of mine by gilles deleuze + felix guattari, “let’s go further still, we haven’t found our Body without Organs yet, we haven’t sufficiently dismantled our self.” creative processes + creative material(s) are always in·progress/process, so let’s go further still!

as alyson has, it is a personal goal of mine to some way/some how/some day collaborate with another/other artist/s in an inspired, meaningful way. . . i’m thinking about a way to make that happen. baby steps. meanwhile, my ‘makes’ shall soon unearth themselves, and i’ll be sure to share. xo.

p.s. check out alyson’s amazingly beautiful house (tour) + more house/studio + alyson’s obsessions (design*sponge). and, i’m in love with her photo series, meals. the photos are kinda wonky, yet still ethereal + methodical. . . they make me think!!!





{farmer’s market haul}


{these little guys popped up in the garden}


{so. much. mint. = many batches of minty sun tea, this summer}


{reaping the rewards of tending to the yard: peonies}

{+ a nice tune}