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{just signed up to be part of this exhibition!!}

“Miranda July’s new project We Think Alone toys with this notion, blurring the lines between a public confession and a private thought, asking participants Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, Sheila Heti, Etgar Keret, Late and Laura Mulleavy, Catherine Opie Lee Smolin and Danh Vo to share emails they’ve written which have already been sent, received and processed by someone on the receiving end. They are private thoughts, correspondences, and even confessions. . . “We Think Alone” was commissioned by Stockholm’s Magasin 3 contemporary art museum for a show called On the Tip of My Tongue. It will not have a physical component, instead existing only in inboxes around the world. The project stems out of July’s interest in reading her friends’ emails — of being privy to private conversations between people. . .” read more, here.

ha! this gets me, EVERYTIME!

i am going to be making these because i now have them in my garden !!!!!!!!! and, i will feel very fancy!


 {these. . .}


{. . .became this!}


{a view of my hopefully bountiful garden bed!}

alton brown now has a podcast. yes! that is cool. “nature will castigate those who don’t masticate!”

. . .speaking of masticating:

IMG_1200{cooking from this week}

{watch murals change spaces via the city of philadelphia mural arts program}

IMG_1201{shadow play à la allie pasquier. . . my apartment gets magnificent daylight!}


5 things

to get things rolling, here are some links, things i like, and some things i’m thinking about. . .


{writing + illustrating a book called, “the dinosaurette,” with my sweet, fun, super hilarious niece}


{the best kind of ice cream date}


{the ever inspiring rachel rose has me wanting to experiment with silk painting}

and, to springboard off of my soul sister, over at bakers and astronauts, here are a couple of things worth mentioning:

firstly, bertrand russell’s 10 commandments of teaching, so eloquently said and touches my soul:

“Perhaps the essence of the Liberal outlook could be summed up in a new decalogue, not intended to replace the old one but only to supplement it. The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows:

  1. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.
  2. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light.
  3. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed.
  4. When you meet with opposition, even if it should be from your husband or your children, endeavor to overcome it by argument and not by authority, for a victory dependent upon authority is unreal and illusory.
  5. Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.
  6. Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you.
  7. Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
  8. Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent than in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter.
  9. Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.
  10. Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.”

(via brain pickings)


 i’m joining said soul sister in the making learning connected MOOC! this will be my first MOOC! here’s what it is:
Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone who’s interested in making, creativity and learning. As we design and then engage in “makes” that tap into our personal (and professional) interests, share what we’ve done with the Making Learning Connected community, learn from each other’s experiences, and reflect on our own growth, we’ll be agents in the recursive creation and re-creation of this experience known as a Massively Open Online Collaboration (MOOC). Throughout the MOOC, we’ll engage with and employ Connected Learning principles as they relate to making and learning.”
you can read more about it on their blog, sign up on the right side of that page, and then join the google+ community! it starts tomorrow!!!!  fun + making = summer awesomeness!
{happy weekend!}