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Image{i wore this}


{hort woods studio happening}


 a concept + methodology that i’m thinking about + has me all kinds of excited: a/r/tography (!!!)

A/r/tography is an arts and education practice-based research methodology dedicated to acts of inquiry through the arts and writing. The name itself exemplifies these features by setting art and graphy, and the identities of artist, researcher, and teacher (a/r/t), in contiguous relations. None of these features is privileged over another as they occur simultaneously in and through time and space.
[A second resonance could be added to the a/r of a/r/t: actant-rhizome, perhaps leading towards the formation of a/r/p: actant-rhizome pedagogy, as a form of slow pedagogy, addressing the body, the formation of bodies and spatiality, of relatedness in several directions].
Springgay, Stephanie, Irwin, Rita L., Leggo, Carl & Gouzouasis, P.  (Eds.) (2008). Being with A/r/tography. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Sinner, Anita, Leggo, Carl, Irwin, Rita L., Gouzouasis, Peter, & Grauer, Kit. (2006).  Arts-based educational research dissertations:  reviewing the practices of new scholars.  Canadian Journal of Education, 29 (4), 1223-1270. Available at:

Irwin, Rita L., Beer, Ruth, Springgay, Stephanie, Grauer, Kit, Gu, Xiong, & Bickel, Barbara. (2006). The Rhizomatic relations of a/r/tography.  Studies in Art Education. 48 (1), 70-88. Available at Accessed on 6 November 2010.


apartment tour!


i’ve had about a zillion requests to share some photos of my new space. i’ve been to and fro quite a lot, so it took me a while to get it to a shareable state, but it’s finally feeling (mostly) assembled : ) . . . while this space has its quirks, i totally lucked out and i pretty much adore it! have fun looking!

20130811-104007.jpg{dining + tucson flair: papel picado!}

20130811-104021.jpg{dining + dormer + bike}

20130811-104116.jpg{entrance: welcome!}

20130811-104136.jpg{sweet living room window, view into the backyard}

20130811-104143.jpg{living room! + the oh so pretty, mint condition vintage, but ridiculously heavy demon couch that had to be somersaulted up a flight of stairs!}

20130811-104153.jpg{more living room, more az flair: little cacti + cholla skeleton + fitness junk : )}

20130811-104202.jpg{hallway + more papel picado : )}

20130811-104216.jpg{hallway from the opposite perspective + cute little nook for my keys + sunnies}

20130811-104231.jpg{close up of my thrift store scavanged paintings}

20130811-104243.jpg{a kitchen practically as big as my tucson studio! ; ) + overflowing recycling basket : )}

20130811-104251.jpg{more kitchen! look at all that space, people!}

20130811-104308.jpg{my homemade island fits like a dream!}

20130811-104321.jpg{end of hallway + great light fixture + dad’s painting}


20130811-104346.jpg{bedroom + tiny mirror collection + coveted rachel rose painted silk pillow}

20130811-104405.jpg{office/studio! . . . i have workspace?!?!?! . . . i have workspace!!!!}

20130811-104413.jpg{view from my desk}

20130811-104421.jpg{office/studio into living room. . . student art galore}

20130811-104439.jpg{my street! i mean, really. . . how beautiful is this?}

20130811-104432.jpg{backyard! lush, lush lovliness}







{farmer’s market haul}


{these little guys popped up in the garden}


{so. much. mint. = many batches of minty sun tea, this summer}


{reaping the rewards of tending to the yard: peonies}

{+ a nice tune}

in·progress. . .

i am working on my level of coolness. this is an in·progress and evolving endeavor. . .

first step: grad school! . . .& simultaneously work on these things (see image):


hmm, might be tough. . .

levels of coolness aside, this is the dedicated space and place where i will document & explore concepts, thoughts, inspiration, constructions, encounters, inquiries, etc., pertaining to life as an inspired teacher/researcher/learner/documenter/artist/art·lover/idolizer of beautiful things/fun·haver/person in·progress, always wanting to know more.

for those readers not familiar with my interests and studies, here is a small introduction:

as a scholar of art education, with particular emphases on the learning that occurs in art contexts during the early years, i am especially interested in and inspired by emergent curriculum, the project approach, pedagogical documentation as a research practice, critical theories of early childhood art, making learning and thinking visible through art·making practices/processes, children as individual and group learners, supporting child development, implications of social and visual culture on art education, child art in general, and my abundantly smart and passionate friends and colleagues. it is important to me to facilitate individual and collaborative experiences where processes of expression, teaching, researching, and learning are in construction and are always on the move. i use my research, experience, and reflections as a tool for learning about myself and for learning more about nurturing young people in art contexts.

i hope you’ll come along on this journey with me!

stay tuned.